Truck Differentials

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Truck Differentials

Truck Differentials | Anytime Mobile Truck Service  - Moorhead, MN

When your differential fails, you aren’t going to be able to drive the truck effectively. Controlling the power delivered to the wheels, the differential serves as the final gear reduction to slow the speed of the transmission before transferring it to the wheels. It also transmits power selectively to let the wheels turn at different speeds.

Problems with damaged differentials range from skips in power transmission that cause the vehicle to vibrate as you increase speed to constant rattling or banging noises. You may start losing gears completely as the differential loses control and is unable to manage the power. Eventually, you could lose control of the truck, lock up the gears or cause serious damage to other components.

Warning signs of bad truck differentials are easy to spot. When you first put the truck in gear, listen for a rattle or clanking coming from the rear differential. When cruising at speed, you may hear a hum or continual clank from the rear of your truck. The noise may be particularly loud when you accelerate quickly or brake rapidly and there is a sudden change in power through the differential. Watch for a vibration traveling along the drive shaft and into the engine. Most likely to be felt at high speeds, it indicates a leak or cracked seal. You may also find pools of fluid after overnight stops.

When you suspect problems with your truck, don’t delay calling for service. We offer roadside service to help you get back on the road again, and we can work on all aspects of your truck including the engine and transmission. Call as at the first sign of problems to avoid more serious issues down the road.

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