Truck Transmissions

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Truck Transmissions

Truck Transmissions | Anytime Mobile Truck Service  - Moorhead, MN

Every time you hit a red light, accelerate to get on the interstate and climb up a hill, your transmission is put through the paces. It’s natural that your transmission will need regular service, and it will eventually have to be replaced. We install new, used and rebuilt transmissions to help you save money. However, we also want you to know the signs of a failing transmission. Knowing when your transmission is struggling can help you avoid the expense of a full rebuild or replacement, and it can help you avoid being stranded on the road.

Failure to Lock into Gear – You’ve been driving for a while, and you know how to shift gears. When the transmission fails to lock into any gear, you may initially write it off as a fluke. However, this is one of the first warning signs to watch for. Whether you’re going from reverse into first or vice versa, get your truck in for service the first time it fails to shift smoothly into gear. The problem could be a simple fix, and taking care of it promptly will help you avoid large bills later.

The Smell of Transmission Fluid – You should not smell burning transmission fluid inside the cab of your truck. If you do, you can bet there you are low on fluid, there is a leak or another problem exists. Bring it into the shop before you head out on the road again.

Noisy Neutral – Your transmission should be silent when in neutral. Bumps, ticks, squeals and other noises should prompt a call for service to see what’s causing the noise and make repairs.

Slipping Gears – You’re tooling along in fifth gear when something happens and truck is back in neutral. This is a warning sign of a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. Are you unable to trust your rig to stay in gear? Have it serviced before you accept another assignment.

It’s important to pay attention to your truck transmission when driving. Scheduling service at the first sign of problems will help you avoid potentially expensive repairs later. It will also help you avoid the misery of being stranded out on the road. We offer mobile service for failed truck transmissions, but it’s far better to avoid the breakdown and keep your truck running smooth with our service.

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